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IZF to adopt online donation

With its mission of striving to put an efficient mechanism for the collection of Zakaat and the efficient distribution of the same towards education advancement for less privileged students as a means to improve their welfare, with the view of converting Zakaat recipients to Zakaat payers.

The Islamic Zakaat Fund has upgraded its website, which has created a room to accommodate new features such as online donations.

With online donations, people will be able to make donations using PayPal, Master Card, Credit Card, and Debit cards.

IZF has adopted online donations so that it can extend its hands to reach potential donors both locally and internationally with the aim of collecting funds to help students who are currently struggling with school fees both in secondary schools and local colleges.

Click on this link to go to the donations page

3 thoughts on “IZF to adopt online donation”

    1. We have not yet started receiving applications because of funding. Once we have enough funds we will call for applications In Shaa Allah

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