Islamic Zakaat Fund

Chairman's Remarks

The Islamic Zakaat Fund’s noble work in Malawi, is simple.  IZF, as it is popularly known, focuses on turning what is an Islamic fardh (necessity) Zakaat into providing education for those in need.

In the times of pandemic and cyclones, is the hardest time that every Malawian is going through. It is the time that about 3,000 needy bright students are looking for support to pursue their studies at Secondary and University level. Their parents’ poverty has been escalated with the trophical situation the poor nation is. But the question remain, should they drop out of school?!

Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) has planned about K1.5 billion to support them for this year and make their dreams come true. Although this amount may look huge, it is the best investment as a country could do the next generation. A small donation will reduce this budget slowly to zero while gaining Allah’s blessings.

For every act of worship through Zakaat that makes IZF possible, I thank you with all my heart.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Kassam Okhai