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Hadji Abdul Sullayman

My name is Hadgie Abdul Sullayman from T/A Chapananga, Chikwawa District. I am currently a holder of Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) obtained in 2012 and working as a Vice Principal at Bedir International Schools in Area 10, Lilongwe.

Each passing day, I say Alihmadullah for the numerous blessings given to me. From a humble background and passing through the challenges of life to be where I am, was not
easy. Having lost my parents while in standard six and being left with no meaningful inheritance, Education became my only key to success. But living in societies where tertiary
education is slowly becoming the benchmark for qualifications, obtaining it was almost an impossible dream. Thanks to IZF for sending me to Zanzibar University. Having obtained 18 points in my MSCE results in 2005, the dream of going to university become apparent.


I confidently sat for all the available university entrance/scholarship exams (COM, UNIMA, IDB, Sudan, etc.) and remained optimistic in securing at least one university selection. But my heart burst into tears when I had learned that all the opportunities have slipped away and all my hopes of going to university were back to zero since I couldn’t manage to pay for my
own tertiary education. 2006 was slowly becoming a hopeless year for me, but then boom!! Came the IZF Zanzibar University selection. A super blessing. Securing the Zanzibar University, IZF 2006 scholarship was one of my life greatest turning point. Our cohort was one of the special one since it had a mixture of scholarship applicants and was the largest. I
couldn’t believe my ears, hearing a name like mine being called out on Radio Islam. The feeling of hearing my name remains one of the greatest and the selection is still a manifest of Allah’s qadar and never-ending love. The IZF scholarship package brought a complete financial independence in my life and helped me get respect from people that never dared to.

Doors of opportunity were really opened, and my life was hugely transformed. The quest of obtaining my tertiary education was really made easy and comfortable. 
My name is Hadgie Abdul Sullayman from T/A Chapananga, Chikwawa District. I am currently a holder of Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) obtained in 2012 and working as a Vice Principal at Bedir International Schools in Area 10, Lilongwe. Learning from the precedents set by IZF and fulfilling some of their scholarship’s objectives, the heart of uplifting and helping other people was greatly instilled in me. Over the years, I have helped in paying school fees for various students related and those not related to me. I also have three
madrassah projects in my home village and with the little that I have, things are moving in the right direction.

Since encountering IZF, I have heard people talk more about this organization. Bad and
good comments have been uttered over the course of their operations. But whatever reasons we have, IZF still remains one of the most important organization in improving education standards and levels for the citizens of this country. Therefore, we need to join hands in supporting the operations of IZF and making sure that its objectives are achieved.
To my fellow beneficiaries who have tested the sweetness of IZF directly or indirectly. Let us be in the forefront supporting this organization by whatever means we can. Let us continue to give to the organization as there are so many Muslims that are still being assisted or will so soon need assistance from IZF. My Allah bless the people at IZF and all the people that have supported the course of IZF.


Boyd Abdallah Hamella, Deputy Director, Economic Planning Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, a 2008 Zanzibar University graduate.

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